Steps 1 & 2: Activate Your Illinois State Tax Account

STEP 1: You must request to activate an online account with the State of Illinois.

1a. Go to:

1b. Click on the “Request a Letter ID”

1c. Fill out the information to have a letter/email will be sent to you with a Letter ID needed to activate an account (This is their way of guaranteeing your privacy).

WAIT 5 to 10 days:

STEP 2: Activate your account.

2a. Again go to:

2b. Click on the Sign up Now!

2c. Put in your Social Security Number (SSN or other acceptable identification). It will then ask you: “Are you trying to activate your MyTax Illinois account for Individual Income Tax?” RESPOND: Yes.

2d. It will then ask you for your Letter ID and another identification such as Prior Year Adjusted Gross Income. or your IL-PIN number (You can look that up by clicking on the Lookup my IL-PIN link).

2e. Put in your name, contact phone, and email; select a username and password, as well as security question and answer; confirm your email and password.

2f. Click submit at the top of the screen and you should be in!

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