July 12, 2020

Christ and his Church has risen! Alleluia!

We are open again for Mass and receiving our Lord in Holy Communion—many have already joined us, even though the obligation to go to Sunday Mass is still dispensed by the Cardinal. Jesus himself has been waiting to reengage us in a wonderful embrace and dialogue, just as he did with his apostles and followers after his death and resurrection: Welcome back, you of little faith, he says to us. Blessed are those who have not seen (or received) and yet believe.

We have a new Sunday Mass Schedule:

Saturday Vigil: 5:00pm (English); 6:30pm (Polish)

Sunday: 8:00am (English); 10:00am (English); 12:00pm (Spanish); 7:15pm (English)

Our new schedule has been fortuitous, giving us time between Masses to clean the church before the next. We also must ask people to signup for Mass online to guarantee the social distancing required to avoid spreading the coronavirus,. You can signup for Mass going online (sma-church.org) or on our parish newsletter or calling the parish office. To signup for our newsletter by texting SMAChurch to 84576 (Yes, this short phone number works!). You can also signup by going to SMAChurch.flocknote.com.

To support St Mary of the Angel you can continue sending your envelopes to the parish.

To help pay the bills during the pandemic, we adopted a new E-Giving Platform called FaithDirect. Let us know if you’d like to give electronically. Thank you for your generosity.

In the past, Catholics would say: “No Priest, no sacraments.” Now we have to say: “No volunteers, no sacraments.” We are looking for volunteers to keep St. Mary of the Angels church safe and open for the sacraments, personal prayer, and Holy Mass. If you are healthy and in a lower-risk group, please consider offering the gift of your time in this new form of service. To volunteer, please send an email to volunteers@sma-church.org or call the parish office: 773-278-2644 x241.

When you do come to St. Mary of the Angels, please thank those who are already helping us! We couldn’t do it without them!

We look forward to seeing you in person… at least at a socially safe distance,

-Fr. John R. Waiss & Fr. Hilary Mahaney

PS: St. Mary of the Angels feast day is Sunday, August 2. Please join us for Mass, the portiuncula indulgence, and the after Mass celebration. Register online or by phone.