Step 5: Donate to Empower Illinois/Big Shoulders

5a: Go to and choose how to donate (We’ll describe Donate Online)

5b: Click Donate Online and click on “I Have My Certificate“

5c: Select “Region 1” and click “Next“

5d: Select “Individual” and click “Next“

5e: Put in your “Certificate Number” and click “Donation Amount Total” (These numbers should correspond to your letter that you got back in Step 4b).

5f: Identify the Designation— “St. Mary of the Angels – Chicago” (although you can choose another)—and enter “Amount for Designation” (You can add additional Designations as seen below).

5f: Finally, you will put in your bank information and submit your donation.

Thank you very much for supporting Catholic Education and St. Mary of the Angels School!