Monthly SMA Tours

Join us for a 30 minute tour on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 1:30 p.m!

December 12 – The Holy Family & the Family of God.

January 9 – Christmas mysteries & customs shown and explained.

February 13 – A walk with the life of Jesus on our walls.

March 13 – Why so much passion? Where did we get our Stations of the Cross and why do we “celebrate” them?

April 10 – Sacrifice & Resurrection: how they are made exhibited and explained in our church. May 8 – The life of Mary explained in our church.

June 12 – The Sacred Heart & Divine Mercy shown and explained.

July 10 – The very special history of St. Mary of the Angels, including pictures of people whose zeal made Christian reality in Chicago.

August 14 – Parish feast day – what does our church show about angels and Mary’s familiarity with them and us.