Welcome (Back) to Mass

We are fully open for Mass, Confession, and Holy Communion. Many have already joined us.


  • Social distancing of 3 feet (families living together can sit closer);
  • Updated: Face mask/cover for both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons (more info);
  • Free of fever and other COVID symptoms. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
Image of St. Hosemaria

COVID-19 Vaccines

Many people are conflicted about receiving one of the Covid-19 vaccines. I know Catholics and non-Catholics, political liberals and conservatives, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, etc. who refuse to take the vaccine and… others of the same background who insist everyone should receive it. While some are concerned about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines—which is not the Church’s competency; saving souls is—others are concerned that the vaccines were produced or tested using cell-lines derived from aborted babies, still others are concerned about how vaccines may affect fertility, etc.

News & Events


St. Mary of the Angels offers monthly afternoon and evenings of Recollection for men, for women, and for young women. These monthly get-away include meditations by Opus Dei priests, a talk by a lay person, confessions and Benediction. Please check our calendar. No fee...


Adult Confirmation classes and RCIA are starting soon!

Music Program

Our Parish is starting a Music Program that is open to both children and adults.

Meal Train Ministry

Do you enjoy cooking?
We are looking for individuals who would be interested in cooking and delivering a meal to a family from the parish who has just welcomed a new baby.


Formation for families with children attending public school begins on Sunday, August 29.

Moms & Tots Playgroup is Back!

Wednesdays from 9:30 – 11:30 am

This Week @ SMA

Sunday, September 12 Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Masses at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm (Spanish) and 7:15 pm
3:00 pm Retiro Espiritual para mujeres en la Capilla de San Josemaría

Monday, September 13
7:00 pm Evening of Recollection for men @ Church
7:30 pm RCIA @ Parish Office

Tuesday, September 14
10:00 am-12:00 pm Confessions @ Church

Wednesday, September 15
4:30 -5:20 pm Confessions @ Church
7:00 pm Adult Confirmation class @ Parish Office

Thursday, September 16
10:00 am – 12:00 pm Eucharistic Adoration
10:00 am-12:00 pm & 4:00-5:20 pm Confessions @ Church
7:00 pm Baptism class @ Parish Office

Saturday, September 18
8:00 am Mass
10:00 am-1:00 pm & 4:00-5:00 pm Confessions @ Church
5:00 pm Sunday Vigil Mass

Sunday, September 19 Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Masses at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm (Spanish) and 7:15 pm
Second Collection: Seminarian Education Fund
3:00 pm Retiro Espiritual para hombres en la Capilla de San Josemaría

Mass Times

Sundays / Niedziela / Domingo
8:00 am (English)
10:00 am (English)
12:00 Noon (Spanish/Español)
7:15 pm (English)

Saturdays / Soboty / Sábado
8:00 am (English)*
5:00 pm (Mass of Anticipation, English)

Weekdays / Diarias / Codzienne
7:00 am (English)*
5:30 pm (English)*
*in St. Josemaría Chapel

Updated August 2021

Memorare Pledge

Let’s storm heaven with many prayers for the evangelization efforts of our parish! More than 2,500 daily Memorares have been pledged for this intention!

Pray the Memorare everyday, and click the button below to let us know you are doing.

For All Generations Campaign

We have been entrusted with a great treasure: St. Mary of the Angels church.

Through your prayer and financial help we rebuilt the Dome in 2010, restored the South Tower in 2012, eliminated our debt in 2013, and have now raised over $1 million in donations and pledges ear-marked for restoration, but our needs are greater.

Click here to learn our plans to restore the church's exterior, replace our heating and sound systems, and more.


Seeking a parish?

A spiritual family?

A place to pray, deepen your faith, or serve others?

If so, our hearts and doors are open to you! We thank God for sending you. Please introduce yourself to one of the priests after Mass and, if you would, please register online by clicking the link below or contacting the parish office.

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Aerial Footage of SMA

Please enjoy this short film of aerial footage of St. Mary of the Angels.

Map & Directions

1850 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago IL 60622, at the corner of Hermitage & Cortland Ave.

We are located in the Bucktown neighborhood just east of Damen Ave and west of Ashland Ave. If driving, our parking lot entrance is located on Hermitage, just south of the church.

If driving from the Kennedy, we are conveniently located directly off the Armitage exit.

Stop by for a visit!